Review By: anom5 - State: New Jersey

Vendor: IDViking


Needed a new ID after my FYD oPA got yoinked by a box scanner, decided to give Viking a try based off his clout on the sub. I went with a U21 because I only need it for 4 months, decided to give it a try for that big dick energy.

Communication: 10/10

Viking's CS is top tier. Always got questions answered within 24 hours, and he was awesome when he needed a new picture, I needed updates on shipping logistics, and when the payment got fucked up on WU's end and I had to resend. I seriously enjoyed communicating with him.

Cost: 10/10

Got this NJ for ~$79, not bad for the quality. After WU fees, it was around $100, but after resending a WU payment after it got cancelled he threw in a free nPA and dupe! Major props!

Shipping: 7/10

The only downside of Viking tbh. My original order was the end of September, and he needed a new photo on Oct 1. Id's didn't show, so after 21 days he reshipped. Got the reship on Oct 28 - standard USPS envelope you'd get at the post office, no stealth at all but it made it through my mailroom fine. I take it that my original order got lost in the mail, but the reships showed up fast even after an apparent delay (more freebies up for review soon :))

signature: 10/10

I did mine on MS paint with the pencil brush on 2 or 3 thickness, looks great and just the right size/thickness as the authentic NJ.


template: 9/10

The template overall is really strong. I compared it to a 2019 bar book and two different authentic U21's from my friends. The color looks a little faded on the outline of NJ and the statehouse, the picture blue background is a little light, and the Cheif Administrator signature and seal are a little blurry compared to the real deal, but OOS it's totally fine. One other U21 review here complains about a 5+5+4 DL#, but I got a 5+5+5 DL# with the correct last 5 digits according to bar book.

photoshop: 10/10

My 2nd photo was not the best by any means, but they did a great photoshop job. Good shadow behind the ears and the cutout around my hair looks great.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Looks great, the seals and "NJ" appear where they're supposed to, and look just like how they should.

uv: 10/10

I have a pretty cheap UV flashlight, but everything looks great. Nice and clear, but not too dim or bright. Juuust right.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on BCS, PDF, Inlite, etc. Works at gas stations, have yet to try it at bars/liquor stores.

conclusion: 9/10

Overall, I'm very happy with Viking. The ID looks great, and should definitely get me through the next couple of months. Should be fine anywhere except instate, unless you're trying to get into a tough bar from those minor imperfections in the template. The shipping was kinda trash for domestic, but I'm putting the blame on USPS rather than Viking. Viking redeemed himself by sending some freebies and doing some fast reships. If you need them fast, make sure to get them rushed.