Review By: nickxmurphy - State: Missouri

Vendor: IDKing


I ordered this ID in a large order to determine which one I liked best

Communication: 10/10

vendor is amazing with response and always emails back quickly and promptly

Cost: 10/10

price for quality is amazing especially when ordering large numbers

Shipping: 7/10

this shipment took a while compared to others but it was due to the timing (after discussing with vendor), still 4-5 weeks not bad at all

signature: 8/10

definitely not too thick and this one is pretty good. some other signatures in this order were a bit thick but it really just depends on the signature that you upload


template: 10/10

template is unreal. ive never seen a fake with this sort of quality and attention to detail. theres even perforations in the bottom left corner

photoshop: 9/10

photo shop is great, cant see shadows but said shadows would be covered by hair in this case

holograms/OVI: 9/10

really good for material printed on

uv: 10/10

uv is always great w this vendor

scanning: 8/10

scanning never fails with this vendor

conclusion: 9/10

in conclusion this is the best ID this vendor makes i believe and i recommend it highly