Review By: wehavesass - State: Oregon

Vendor: IDKing


I did a ton of research about where to buy my fake ID from, didn't wanna get scammed. everything I was hearing about IDKing was positive. I emailed them, they responded within 36 hours, courteous and kind. I ordered an ID from them.

Communication: 10/10

They emailed me back as soon as they could. always respectful and kind. I'm sure they have to deal with a lot of messages, but they always found time to email me back quickly and answer all my questions. I am very impressed.

Cost: 8/10

The IDs are insanely well made. duplicate of mine however, has a mishap on the lamination on the back of it so I won't be using it. but, besides that, the IDs look great and are well worth the cost. Some of the most affordable and high quality IDs on the market right now.

Shipping: 8/10

they say 1 to 3 weeks from payment but it ended up taking about a month. I emailed them and they responded quick, as usual, and explained how a mishap occurred, how they sorted through it and were super apologetic. I didn't have any doubt that I would receive my ID.

signature: 10/10

not too thick, placed perfectly on the back of the ID.


template: 9/10

its a perfect ID! I don't have a physical real oregon ID to compare it to but based on photos of samples online and oregon's main motor vehicle website, it looks absolutely perfect. all the colors are spot on.

photoshop: 10/10

The photo I sent in wasn't the best photo ever and it was a bit dark, I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. But boy, IDKing did know what they were doing. The photo is incredibly well done, photoshopped perfectly in my opinion. I don't doubt this IDs quality at all.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

holograms are amazing! i have never been so impressed before. This is definitely one of IDKing's specialties.

uv: 9/10

came up great! i am incredibly impressed.

scanning: 10/10

all of the info came up on BCS perfectly and easily, high quality.

conclusion: 9/10

i am excited to try this ID! i have no fear that it will get me into clubs and bars without question. I emailed him about getting another duplicate and he said that if i lost my main he would send me another, guaranteed. super nice person to work with. heavily recommend.