Review By: jersey1000 - State: Alabama

Vendor: IDViking


This ID is unbeatable overall. ID VIKING has your back .

Communication: 10/10

ALWAYS ANSWERED within 12 hours. That is crazy and so great, especially when ordering a large pack

Cost: 10/10

Amazing price, not anything to break the bank and leaves tons of room for more drinks .

Shipping: 10/10

Crazy fast - NJ AND CT both shipped and delivered in 2 weeks

signature: 10/10

Looks like a real signature on a license. I Love that they make sure the details are great


template: 10/10

The template is awesome and looks identical when ordering a DE OR an NJ license

photoshop: 10/10

Amazing picture, no issues with making any of my friends look real on theirs.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Nothing to worry about - bartenders and aged bouncers do not know the difference

uv: 10/10

Never had any issues with this , and it has been checked because I do not look 21. However , never been denied

scanning: 10/10

Always scans, there’s never any problems getting into bars or clubs. The liquor stores are easy too , even the good classy ones

conclusion: 10/10

I recently organized and sent in a group order to IDVIKING and it was the easiest illegal thing I’ve ever done. Besides being amazing and perfect looking, the customer service is unbeatable. 1) shipping// Half of my friends got DE, which took about a month. The CT and NJ we ordered were great , AND THEY TOOK TWO WEEKS. Obviously we were confused why they came so quickly, but they look like they were made at the DMV. Amazing really 2) Holograms- 10/10 - everything looks good visually