Review By: Deferent - State: Alabama

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


I was looking to buy a group order from FakeYourDrank for 35$ each ID but always used EvolvedID's. Evolved was able to reduce their price down to match the 35 from FYD. I ordered 27 ID's all from New Jersey.

Communication: 8/10

It takes a while to receive a response from the ticket center on the website but I always get a response day of if I ask the person in charge of the EvolvedID's forum account.

Cost: 10/10

35$ for some of the best NJ license and was able to uncharge the people I bought them for.

Shipping: 7/10

Shipping took 6 weeks but I guess that's reasonable since I ordered so many.

signature: 10/10

Identical copy of signature from what we sent in.


template: 9/10

A little blurry when looking really close but from a distance you can't tell anything is off.

photoshop: 10/10

Every single ID is perfect and I wouldn't' be able to tell it was fake just from the picture alone. One picture is a little weird looking but the guy just didn't send me a good picture.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

I work in a store and these ID's have the same holo as every other NJ I get.

uv: 10/10

Can't test the UV but I assume it'll be perfect as described on their website.

scanning: 10/10

I've used mine in the past and I'm tall but don't really look 21 so I always have mine scanned. They scan first try everywhere I've tested and the faces of confusion on these people is great.

conclusion: 10/10

This ID will pass anywhere out of state at gas stations and liquor stores. Have not tested at bars or clubs yet. I've been very satisfied with EvolvedID's ever since I got scammed my first time trying to buy some.