Review By: Cheesehead - State: Massachusetts



I have a real MA and bought this to use at school - occasionally in state as well. Very few vendors making nMA - so I was excited to get this.

Communication: 10/10

Had a couple of quick emails - very responsive. Would have expected less as this is a Chinese vendor.

Cost: 7/10

All in this was $120 with regular shipping - so not cheap, but it's not a popular prop state - so I guess that justifies the price (low volume).

Shipping: 10/10

Received in less than 3 weeks with regular shipping which again, was way better than I expected.

signature: 10/10

Gave them a shitty jpeg on white paper - and they made it perfect! Looks exactly like the real one.


template: 10/10

This is damn close to the real one. I'd say the blue is slightly lighter than the real id - but it's barely noticeable. Details from microprint to raised lettering are amazing - and match 100% Perf of the state is also in the exact spot and very well done!

photoshop: 10/10

Check out the picture - I think it's excellent. Background color is maybe slightly more blue than it should be.

holograms/OVI: 5/10

This is the weak spot on the prop. The real one has a 2 dimensional bird and it's solid silver - depending on the angle. It also has a very obvious "window" where if you put a light behind it you get your first and last initial followed by the year "RG98" for example. The fake has a light silver hologram (1 dimension) which almost fades out at certain angles. should be MUCH more prominent. The initials are there - but not visible with a light behind the ID.

uv: 10/10

Excellent detail under the UV. No one is going to question this on the UV.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on BCS, Scannr and VSOnline - exact same format as real one. Hasn't been scanned at a bar but I'm not worried about it.

conclusion: 9/10

This works perfectly OOS - and in local package stores/restaurants. I haven't tried it in state in a club, but I have a feeling that the hologram is a no-go for someone giving it a good look that handles hundreds of real ones a night. Overall I am happy with this - and did I mention that it comes with a duplicate too?