Review By: IncognitoRev - State: Florida



This IncognitoReviews ID was sent by OldIronside Fakes as a review sample, which I have added to my personal ID collection. In this review we will be going over the new Georgia U21 ID, which is a new addition to OIS's collection. FOR FULL-RES AND EXTRA PHOTOS: FOR YOUTUBE OVERVIEW:

Communication: 10/10

OldIronside Fakes is one of the most responsive companies I have interacted with, with the owner being a fantastic person to talk to and the CS being quick to respond with anny issues.

Cost: 9/10

$100 for a single ID is very expensive, however, with this being a new and rather complex ID, makes sense. OIS rarely runs sales, however, their group pricing is agressive and starts at just two IDs for 30% off. I would highly recommend buying at least two at a time.

Shipping: 9/10

Took around two and a half weeks for the economy shipping to arrive. Stealth was fantastic- only problem is that a signature was needed, so I had to physically go to a FedEx store and produce a real ID to recieve the package, which is an obvious security threat.

signature: 8/10

This signature looks fine, however, it is too small compared to real samples. My ID was rather short, however, the signature should have been stretched out a little farther.


template: 7/10

This ID has a great, high detailed temp. It has fantastic microprinting and all of the text looks real. This ID provides some high-qualtiy laser-etched stars which feel fantastic. However, there are a few issues which are troubling. The background of the ID is too undersaturated, which makes it hard to see many of the details, like the peach. This is very noticeable and would not pass instate. Also, the ghost photo does not have rounded corners on this ID, which is also a fatal flaw of this ID

photoshop: 8/10

This is a good looking photoshop, with background removal and shadows edited really nicely. However, the main photo on this ID is far too sharp and has too much contrast, which is very obvious when compared to any other real GA license or fake. This brings out a few too many details in the background and face that obviously looks not like DMV.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

There is a slight bit of OVI on the back which looks fantastic. Laser etching of the numerous stars on the front is spot-on.

uv: 10/10

The UV on this ID is incredibly well done. UV Microtext slightly falls apart on the back but is otherwise fine.

scanning: 8/10

ID Scans well. One issue, however... while the front of this ID shows a +4 number, the Barcode only shows it as a "+1" in BCS. I have checked the barcode's raw data and it has the +4 encoded in full- so this is either an error in getting the format right on the ID or BCS not knowing about the new GA IDs. Be warned it may raise an eye.

conclusion: 8/10

Overall, this is a great ID. A few large errors mean this wont be ISP (and I talked to 5 Florida bartenders... 3 of them said they would refuse to take). However, for outside of the area, this is a FANTASTIC ID. OIS could make a few small tweaks and I would call this an ISP ID.