Review By: IncognitoRev - State: Oregon



In this review, I'll be going over how this new Oregon ID has become one of my new favorite fakes. This IncognitoReviews ID was sent by OldIronside Fakes as a review sample, which I have added to my personal ID collection. FOR FULL-RES AND EXTRA PHOTOS: FOR YOUTUBE OVERVIEW:

Communication: 10/10

OldIronside Fakes is extremely responsive, always helpful, and wishes to make sure all customers are satisfied. While there is a little bit of a time and language barrier, the team really does seem to care about the community and their customers.

Cost: 9/10

$100 for an ID and free dupe isn't cheap by any means and is definately on the high-end of what vendors demand, but with free standard shipping and a high-quality product, I believe this is a very fair price. Group discounts are also very agressive- with percent off quickly racking up.

Shipping: 9/10

Took around two and a half weeks for the free shipping to arrive. Stealth was fantastic- only problem is that a signature was needed, so I had to physically go to a FedEx store and produce a real ID to recieve the package, which is an obvious security threat.

signature: 8/10

This signature looks fine, however, it is too small compared to real samples. My ID was rather short, however, the signature should have been stretched out a little farther.


template: 8/10

This ID has a great, high detailed temp. This ID has fantastic microprint that I do not believe I have ever seen. The colors are far more matched than it appears on the photos I have taken. There are a few errors on the front, mainly, with a line drawn too thick, photo issues, and color matching with the green leaves at the bottom. This could be easily resolved by some color matching or calibration. The back is nearly spot on- with my ID having the only issue be the slightly out-of-focus text.

photoshop: 9/10

Great photoshop with decently added shadows. Only issue is the background of the photo needs to be colormatched better, and the edges of the photo should be more feathered.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

This ID has the best, hands down, holo/OVI out there. The hologram is detailed, has realistic light changes, and is very very sharp. You can clearly see the hologram layer laid on top of the ID- but this is common in in-state IDs. This may confuse out-of-state bouncers.

uv: 10/10

The UV is highly accurate and well done. No complaints here!

scanning: 8/10

ID Scans fantastically. Barcode is not true 1:1 but that goes with most vendors.

conclusion: 10/10

This is a great ID- however, with a little tweaking, this ID could easily be Instate Passible. Colors would needed to matched, and slight tweaks to the photoshop. I would say that this ID would be easily instate passible, and will be my go-to during the meantime. However- currently not ISP. Questions on this ID? Have an ID you want reviewed? Wickr: incogreviews