Review By: IncognitoRev - State: Indiana



In this review, I'll be going over the new Indiana ID from OldIronside fakes. This <i>IncognitoReviews</i> ID was sent by as a review sample.

Communication: 10/10

OldIronside fakes remains one of my favorite companies to work with. The customer service team is responsive and the team in general is very accepting of criticisim and will always make the situation right. Response times are short despite the Chinese team.

Cost: 9/10

$100 per ID with free duplicate runs on the premium end of IDs, but I believe this particular ID is worth every cent. Group prices will quickly erode at the cost of this ID, and free standard shipping with affordable rush shipping is a fantastic.

Shipping: 10/10

This ID was shipped with the rush shipping option, which is an additional $15. It arrived two weeks from the day of the order being created: which I believe is phenominal for the price and with them being a Chinese vendor. The free shipping will take a slightly higher three weeks.

signature: 10/10

Signature was slightly thickened and manipulated to look real. Looked like a legitimate signature. As a tip, this signature was done using a phone screen on Snapchat.


template: 10/10

One of the most true-to-life templates I have laid my eyes on. Color accuracy is the best I have seen from OIS, who I have found to usually fallen a little short of competitors in. Some areas need to be sharper, but the microprint is highly detailed. My only nitpick is that the font should be a little more thin.

photoshop: 10/10

The photoshop on this particular example is fantastic, with the contrast looking perfect, and a great job being done on loose hairs. The window is murky and not as clear as the real deal, but the photo alignment is spot on with the real ID.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

No OVI/Holos, but it's easy to pass off the "lazer etching" that would be on the real ID. Main nitpick about the transparent ghost window is the murky and gritty texture of this photo. It is hard to see through in bright light.

uv: 8/10

The UV is decent on this card, but is a little fuzzy in some spots. The UV ink can sometimes be seen on the ID upon extremely close inspection with a bright light pointed at a weird angle.

scanning: 10/10

ID Scans fantastically. PDF417 data is properly encoded and the barcode looks to be formatted nearly identically.

conclusion: 10/10

I personally believe this is one of the best and most accurate fakes OIS has on sale, which is incredible with how new it is. Only high light scrutiny shows flaws, so I would say it would pass in state at darker or less patrolled venues without much trouble at all.