Review By: IncognitoRev - State: Kansas



In this review, we will be giving our review of the OldIronside Fakes new Kansas novelty ID. Overall, we have found this to be a solid ID brought down by some quality control errors. FOR FULL-RES AND EXTRA PHOTOS: 4K YOUTUBE OVERVIEW:

Communication: 10/10

OldIronside Fakes still takes the cake on being one of the best vendors to talk to. They do the least shit-talking online and are generally easy and kind to work with. I say, with certianty, that OIS would be happy to help resolve the issues I have found with this ID.

Cost: 9/10

In line with OIS's other options, this ID is $100 including a free duplicate. However- group discounts quickly rack up, making this ID affordable even with a small group of individuals.

Shipping: 10/10

Keeping on with the theme of OIS's usual quality, the rush shipping ID got this ID delivered 2 weeks to the day of the order being posted. Even with the slow shipping, the ID arrives rather timely. Stealth remains fantastic and is great for ensuring OPSEC, especially for resellers or the occasional buyer.

signature: 9/10

The signature on this ID looks great, however, the template signatures on this ID are a little too thick. However, the signature of the "ID Holder" is the proper thickness and is well done.


template: 6/10

The microprint, and most of the color matching, are fantastic. All fonts, except for the Kansas logo, are identical to the real. However- the background on the smaller photo aren't removed on my copy, which is another dead giveaway of this being a fake. While the back of the ID is spot on, there are some smaller flaws on the front that unfortunately give this ID away.

photoshop: 4/10

The photoshop on this ID is the first place we start to see this ID fall apart when compared to the usual OIS quality. No ear-shadows are on this ID. While the photo looks passable, it is definitely not inline with the real deal, or evens OIS's usually stellar photoshops. While the background replacement is top notch, no shadows makes this stand out.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The holograms on this ID are multi-colored and not highly reflective, which does a good job of imitating the real ID. The perforations on this ID are also fantastic.

uv: 8/10

The front UV on this card is fantastic, sharp, and detailed. However, the photo UV on the back of the ID is rather blurred and appears to have had some printing errors in it where there appear to be splotches on the UV. However, back UV won't be scrutinized that closely by any out-of-state shop.

scanning: 9/10

ID Scans fantastically. PDF417 data is properly encoded and the barcode looks to be formatted nearly identically to the real ID.

conclusion: 6/10

I personally believe OIS dropped the ball on this ID. This ID was so close to being a great ID, however, falls short with some quality features. One of my IDs has red ink spotches on the photo, and there appears to be a miscut on my other ID. While both aren't highly noticable, when added ontop of the other issues, this ID is not ISP and may not be in any states surrounding KS. However- outside of KS, this ID should pass