Review By: jamarooni - State: Alabama



I put in a group order of 12 ids on 1/10 and received them today. The price was fair at $50 an id and I also paid for the express shipping. I gave most people that ordered their ids and the majority were satisfied with the quality of their id. The only problem was that I received the wrong shipping number and was stressed that the ids would not come in on time before I go back to college(in 2 days). I was very happy that they came in on time but would have liked to be able to track them.

Communication: 7/10

responded pretty quick but gave out the wrong tracking info and when I asked they said to wait for the delivery to update it.

Cost: 9/10

price was great at 50% off for 12 ids(1 extra copy)

Shipping: 5/10

unable to track but came in reasonably quick.

signature: 10/10

great. looks regular to me


template: 9/10

great lettering was slightly thicker than the real ones.(very slightly)

photoshop: 8/10

one friend pointed out that their was dark shadows behind him but that was most likely on his end

holograms/OVI: 10/10

almost exact to a real Illinois id

uv: 10/10

perfect, looks great

scanning: 10/10

works. got it scanned at a smoke shop.

conclusion: 9/10

very satisfied. for those wondering I ordered 10 IL, 1 IA, and 1 MI.