Review By: yaboycliff - State: Alabama



Thought I would contribute back into the forum since it taught me plenty about fake ids. Honestly, I never thought I would receive my ids after being told each week that new ones were sent out, but here I am!

Communication: 7/10

Dfids usually responds within a week. PM is the most effective tool.

Cost: 8/10

Got two id's with duplicates for $120 each so it's not terrible.

Shipping: 5/10

Most common issue with this vendor. I ordered these 12/13 and received them 6 weeks later. Advertised turnaround was 2-3 weeks though.. They probably would have forgotten my order if I wasn't persistent with communication. Although when they did ship, it came overnight, so props for that.

signature: 1/10

I thought I sent super enlarged pictures of the signatures, so I don't know how the PS guy fucked this one up. See pictures, but the signature is not even legible due to being so small.


template: 10/10

All details on the id are damn near perfect. No exaggeration. State seal in perfect condition. 3 stars on the bottom are present. Gold star in top right corner.

photoshop: 10/10

Very good job done on the pictures. Can't complain here.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

I don't know my terminology, but I definitely know the dotted Texas diagram is way too high on one set of ids. Not sure if this is a red flag, so hopefully he can confirm. See pictures.

uv: 10/10

Don't have a UV light tester, but judging of the other people's DFID Texas reviews, I can only assume mine will be solid too.

scanning: 1/10

Scans on BCS and Scannr.

conclusion: 8/10

For it's price, I say it was well worth it. Probably the best Texas id on the website at the moment. Not sure about signature and dotted Texas symbol.