Review By: slumpdgod710 - State: New Mexico



Bought an ID because of the price only $76 with a duplicate so not bad.

Communication: 7/10

So I put 7 because I only messaged twice and both weren’t super serious but neither were answered. First one was out on closed and I was told that meant they answered but I didn’t see anything in my email or the ticket page.

Cost: 10/10

Great price no doubt, it was $75 with no priority shipping or rushed production. So good deal for the 2.

Shipping: 9/10

I ordered a while back on Jan 3. I received the IDs today (2/11/20). But Chinese New Years and the Coronavirus played roles in delays, but still not bad for free shipping.

signature: 10/10

Signature is great I just have an awful signature so it gets clumped in the end of my first name but the legible letters are perfect.


template: 10/10

Template is perfect, I have no complaints. I only have pictures online of New Mexico’s but it looks very clean.

photoshop: 8/10

Not sure how to rate it, I’m new to the ID scene and it looks good but my head almost fills the photo besides the top. But my hair tends to be frizzy and poof out so may not be of concern. other then that the photo looks good quality

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Very bright and shine in the light very nicely!

uv: 8/10

They show up in a dark room with my blacklight. It’s just a cheap flashlight so it might not be the best test. Not super bright but may be because of the light I have.

scanning: 10/10

Scanned on BCS and Vēmos, correct address and age. Haven’t taken it out yet so I’ll update on that.

conclusion: 9/10

No complaints with the IDs. Great quality and great scan. The shipping was long and I lacked communication. Also my order was put on payment received throughout the entire process. Never said shipped or anything. But just be patient and you will receive a quality ID!