Review By: orange7402 - State: New York



I ordered these for resell for the first time from them.

Communication: 10/10

Communication is very fast and good.

Cost: 10/10

the cheapest guy here it's crazy. $20 but pay $15 for shipping.

Shipping: 10/10

Pretty fast I chose 20-25 days and came in about 15-17 days. not as fast as some guys offer but live up to his guarantee so that's a 10

signature: 3/10

TOO SMALL, ILLEGIBLE, not raised enough


template: 3/10

the only reason this is a 3 is because of the raised text. why it's not higher is because everything else is wrong. the colors are too saturated and too pronounced, the small font over the signature is illegible, the font is wrong, the raised text is not raised enough and it looks just too fake.

photoshop: 5/10

it just looks odd and poorly done not the right shade of grey, and they look animated.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

there's no HOLO on a NY so ill just give this a 7.

uv: 5/10

N/A no light with me atm.

scanning: 3/10

scans on BCS and SCANNR app but let's see everywhere else.

conclusion: 6/10

you get what you pay for, you bay $20, you get something worth $20. not good at all.