Review By: robert gene - State: Pennsylvania

Vendor: IDViking


I ordered a group order for the ids these are the ones for myself

Communication: 10/10

Idviking has great CS they responded within hours of my email to them everytime. But when I had an issue with my order after delivery they didn’t respond to my emails.

Cost: 10/10

For 60$ with 3 other people and 30$ for express shipping, it was a great price.

Shipping: 8/10

My Ids came 17 days after ordering which was a pretty solid time for them to arrive. Wasn’t disappointed.

signature: 8/10

They provided a sig, it was very simple but it should still work


template: 6/10

The card was much lighter than a real PA liscense when I compared the two, it was also a bit smaller than the real one.

photoshop: 7/10

The photoshop was pretty decent besides some shadows that were left under my ears.

holograms/OVI: 3/10

The holos were visible without turning the card which was a huge downside they were way too visible which really throws the look of the Id off.

uv: 5/10

Don’t have a UV but I assume it should work

scanning: 8/10

Works fine on all scanning apps for ios

conclusion: 7/10

The PA Id is not ISP whatsoever but it’s decent, the holos really throw off the look of the id though as they are visible without even moving the card. They also haven’t delivered one of the ids from the order and haven’t responded to my emails, so if they resolve the issue my review score will be a lot higher.