Review By: JDiFet - State: New Jersey

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


i Bought this ID because of the federal law pertaining to the tobacco purchasing age. I chose evolved IDs because of their relatively good reviews and the lack of bad ones/ claims of it being fake.

Communication: 10/10

Evolved IDs was very good with communication. I had gotten in contact on reddit and the vendor has always answered my questions or concerns in at least two days tops.

Cost: 9/10

Cost is excellent, almost too good to be true. The price of the ID with the regular shipping came out to $102. Depending on what payment method you use, you might spend around $120. As for example western union charges you a transfer fee.

Shipping: 7/10

Shipping was decent. Considering it came from all the way from China. Although my ID was pushed back a few weeks only because of the Chinese New Year, it threw them all off track and I didn’t make the last batch before CNY started. Aside from that, my order would’ve arrived in 2-3 weeks after payment was received

signature: 7/10

With the signature, it’s passable, but it’s definitely a little smaller then what a real ID has and the print is too vibrant. I recommend signing a paper and taking the picture instead of using the pad on the website


template: 8/10

Template is close to perfect. They include a lot of the little details that really makes the ID believable. Comparing to an actual O21 ID everything is in the right spot. Only thing is the red print on the ID is a tad bit lighter compared to an actual ID. But again, you could only tell if you had the two IDs side by side. The barcode on the back appears to be significantly thinner on the Fakes.

photoshop: 7/10

The photoshop is done decent. There are a few minor differences from the real NJ ID and the Fake. The background on the fake ID is a tad bit lighter then what it’s actually supposed to be. The photo seems to be a tad bit over exposed but it can still work. Shadows are good. Right where they’re supposed to be

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Holograms are spot on. The correct holograms for the state of New Jersey. Putting a regular light on it they show up normal, as they should.

uv: 9/10

Used a buddies UV light and everything worked as it should

scanning: 7/10

Scanning is 100% spot on. Used the app BCS to test out the scanning myself and all the information that’s on the ID matches up with what is shown on the computer

conclusion: 9/10

The ID is definitely quality and meets up to the standards especially for the price. With minor tweaking, they can get the NJ ID to be perfect. Just little things like the color of the red font, the background to be a little darker, the photoshopping of the signature. Bought cigarettes with no problem and definitely would take this into a liquor store. Even the bars too.