Review By: lukejamgraf - State: Alabama

Vendor: IDViking


Legit id, works great, scans perfectly good, works at all bars, 100% recommend

Communication: 10/10

The vendor almost immediately responds, at most takes an hour. They are understanding, and will help you out with any questions you need to know.

Cost: 10/10

Best price out there for quality, 100% worth the price, even comparing to most other sites out there

Shipping: 10/10

The id came on the exact estimated shipping time. Surprisingly fast

signature: 10/10

The signature was exactly how I wanted It to look, I sent them a picture of exactly how I wanted the signature, and it was forged properly on the id.


template: 10/10

Little non noticeable flaws, otherwise, completely perfect !!!

photoshop: 10/10

The photoshop is done great, looks exactly like the real thing!

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The hologram was good, passes at every bar I’ve gone to, so that says something. Good job idviking

uv: 10/10

UV came up great, it’s not like everyone checks UV but the IDs have it. Everything Idviking has promised has been true

scanning: 10/10

The id scanned like any normal id, I’ve checked it myself with BCS DATA and my id has been scanned at bars before, and worked great

conclusion: 10/10

The ID works everywhere possibly needed for it to work, I recommend id Viking to whoever is in need of a legit look alike Id.