Review By: biscuiteater69 - State: California



This is my first ID purchase and review. I paid for this product and did not receive it in exchange for a positive review. This is my honest opinion about the quality and usability of the ID from an in-state perspective. There are a couple of mistakes that I will not point out because they can be used to identify me, but they are very minor mistakes that are unlikely to be pointed out in the real world. This review is my attempt at being super critical of every facet of the ID.

Communication: 10/10

Desert Fox is a very polite, respectful, and understanding vendor that puts customer satisfaction above all other considerations, including making a profit. They have always responded to one of my inquiries within 24 hours, and respond within a couple hours if you catch them at the right time. Desert Fox, for some unbeknownst reason, does not respond to emails sent to the email listed on their website, so the best method of contact is through the forums via PM.

Cost: 10/10

Desert Fox’s nCA is $70 for a single ID, or $95 for two IDs, as a duplicate is an extra $25. The duplicate price is fair in comparison to the duplicate price of his IDs from other states, which cost $50. Even when comparing the $95 price tag to those of other vendors’ IDs, including those who provide free duplicates, Desert Fox still reasonably prices their nCA ID.

Shipping: 10/10

I had the ID in my hand 15 days after placing the order. Desert Fox uses overnight shipping, with no signature required upon delivery. Shipping is free too, which is great. Stealth is okay, but since they are a domestic vendor, stealth is not necessary. I was not provided with a tracking number, but upon request Desert Fox gave me one.

signature: 10/10

The signature turned out beautifully. The thickness is perfect, it is centered as it would be on a legitimate ID, and the raised aspect of the signature is definitely noticeable. I have not had any problems with the raised signature, but I would strongly recommend being very careful when handing it. I would also recommend using an Apple Pencil on an iPad instead of a stylus on Snapchat, as the Apple Pencil feels very similar to the DMV’s signature pad and will make it look more realistic.


template: 10/10

The colors are vibrant (colors in the picture look off, they look spot-on in real life), all of the information is placed correctly, the microprint is legible, and the fonts are perfect. Both raised birthdays feel great and are positioned correctly. The perforation is solid, but it is a tad too far to the left, no big deal. One thing I noticed is that the template is slightly “zoomed in”; it is noticeable if you look at how the gold panner’s ass is cut off slightly.

photoshop: 10/10

The quality of the photoshop is easily the highlight of the ID. The blue is vibrant and spot-on, the border between my hair and the background is crisp, and the ear shadows are noticeable but not too obvious. Of course, this quality can only be obtained through submitting a picture that gives Desert Fox the ability to work their photoshop magic effectively. Try your very best to use a DSLR, it makes a significant difference that is reflected in the final product’s quality.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

The holograms are positioned a little too far to the right; the word “of” in “The Great Seal of the State of California” should be inside of the photo, but it is not. Again, no big deal at all. Each component of the seal is colored correctly and reflects as it should. The “DMV” hologram is a little too far to the right as well. It reflects as it should, which is what matters the most.

uv: 8/10

The picture included is being illuminated by a 365mm UV LED. I have not seen the UV features of a legitimate nCA, so I am basing my judgement off of BarBook. The UV birthday, tower, boats, bridge, and clouds are all positioned correctly. The UV picture is not in full color as BarBook displays, and is much bigger than the UV image that BarBook provides. Nevertheless, the color of the UV ink is beautiful. I have not had anyone judge the ID based off of the UV features.

scanning: 10/10

The ID scans successfully on both BCS and Scannr, but this is not a reliable test of viability in the real world. I have tested the ID at a few legitimate gas stations and a couple 7-11s; the ID scanned successfully every time. I have also tested the ID at a legitimate California dispensary, however it was not scanned there. I assume it will work at liquor stores and head shops easily, but I haven’t had the chance to test it at one of them yet. I am refraining from using the ID at clubs.

conclusion: 10/10

Desert Fox is the only domestic vendor that produces a nCA ID right now. Even when taking the minor issues that I highlighted into consideration, this is the best option for a nCA ID. There is no need to be concerned about customs seizures with a domestic vendor, which was my primary reason for going with Desert Fox. The customer service and turnaround time only give me more respect for their operation. I would give them an 11/10 if I could!