Review By: foemur - State: Texas

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I needed a fake, and FakeYourDrank had the most reviews so I went with them. I didn't have too many expectations, so I can't really be upset with the results.

Communication: 10/10

I did message them on their support site a few times and got a reply every few days. It varied. Not bad overall.

Cost: 7/10

For what you get, I wouldn't say it's worth paying full price. Without using the 50% off code, its not worth it. Although, since I did use the code, I can't really complain.

Shipping: 9/10

Ordered right after Coronavirus started its madness in China. Took about two months to get here, but not due to shipping, but due to their factory being shut down and then having a ton of orders all clogged up. Shipping itself took about a week.

signature: 9/10

Perfect size, but placement is a little low and to the left. Hard to notice, but easy to spot when you look for it.


template: 9/10

Since I have a real ID to compare it to, it's pretty easy to see the differences. Different fonts used in some places and some of the features aren't as sharp as a real ID. Material is clearly different and not as flexible. Still, it would probably pass out of state, but I don't think it would pass by in-state bouncers.

photoshop: 9/10

The photo looks okay, and honestly, it looks higher quality than most ID photos. Shouldn't be an issue.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

All the security features are clearly faked. The raised text looks grainy compared to the smooth raised text on the real ID, and the laser perforation is pretty bad, its not straight and you cant see it on dim lighting, only bright lights. Real ID works on dim lights. This part of their template needs work.

uv: 9/10

I haven't had a chance to test it as I don't have a blacklight atm, will maybe update in the future.

scanning: 9/10

ID comes back as real on all scanning apps I have tried (BCS, Vemos, and Blink). Info is correct with no spelling issues. Probably the most well-done part of the fake.

conclusion: 10/10

This ID will probably work at really lax places and out of state, but won't pass clubs in state or stores that are really strict with checking IDs closely.