Review By: UUUUUU - State: Alabama

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


Bought theses IDs for myself and a group of friends

Communication: 10/10

I didn't have to communicate with the vendors much but they have an amazing customer support section to submit problems and claims and respond fast

Cost: 10/10

I had a group discount and they have a 50% off code to use at checkout. IDs ended up being 25 dollars for two copies. such a great price

Shipping: 10/10

took about a month and a half to arrive, not bad for the price and considering shut downs because of quarantine. I was pleasantly surprised at the turn around time given the circumstances. They said they were doing what they could to catch up on orders

signature: 10/10

look really great. Looks very realistic and the lines are not too thick


template: 9/10

details are really good and clean. Some of the edges are a little rough from where they are cut, but I think that can be fixed at home pretty easily

photoshop: 7/10

picture looks very crisp and clear. I am not sure if the quality is the same as an actual license. But there is no obvious mistakes and the hair looks great

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holo is good and very bright, seems to look like it should

uv: 10/10

shows up great under black light, looks accurate and is clearly visible

scanning: 10/10

info shows up perfectly on scanning app, should be no problem

conclusion: 10/10

fakeyourdrank is a great website. They had great communication with the buyers and were really accommodating to any changes that needed to be made because of school closures due to coronavirus. The prices are also really hard to beat especially for a group but are also amazing if you are just ordering for yourself.