Review By: JayDubz - State: California

Vendor: Noblefakes


I received this ID to review from Noble Fakes, but this review will remain unbiased as usual. After testing this ID and taking a close look, here are my thoughts.

Communication: 10/10

NobleFakes was really courteous and responded to all my messages on FIDV within 12 hours and contacted me via email within an hour of receiving my payment once he noticed that there was an issue with the information submitted on the form. Other than that, I did not need to contact Noble Fakes anymore, but when I did I knew I could get a response quickly.

Cost: 10/10

$80 for a high-quality oCA ID and a free Duplicate isn't bad at all. I didn't receive a duplicate for my order, but most likely because it was for a review. Group discounts do stack up quickly so I'd recommend taking advantage of that

Shipping: 10/10

Got here in 4 Business days after opting for DHL Express shipping ($30). Amidst this whole COVID-19 delay situation, I am pleasantly surprised. I placed orders weeks before from two other vendors and none of them have shipped out yet. You honestly can not beat Noble Fakes in terms of turnaround time. This was ridiculously fast.

signature: 10/10

I used a signature pad and uploaded that picture to their website because DMV signatures always come up "static" anyways. I didn't want to use the sharpie on a paper thing because I assumed that my signature would come out "too nice". However, the signature I submitted printed just fine and looks damn near perfect. It's raised and textured so when you run your fingers over them you can feel it.


template: 10/10

Comparing this to other oCA IDs, the template is fantastic, every line, dash, dot, raised text, microprint, etc are present. Nothing is off about the ID at all. Noble Fakes also has the option to opt for Correct Lens restrictions, something I wish more vendors did.

photoshop: 9/10

The Photoshop is great, but not perfect. To be honest, I'm really nit-picking here... I submitted a decent photo taken with my iPhone X camera on portrait mode. The face and everything look fine just like a normal DMV picture, the background has been nicely placed, but the ear shadows are just ever so slightly artificial. You'd have to really look closely to notice that though, so it really isn't a big issue.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

On the oCA ID, there isn't much in terms of holos, but with what we got, they're really good. They shine in both direct sunlight and with a flashlight in a dark room. Nothing to worry about here.

uv: 10/10

I don't have a UV light and so I can't say much about this part, but there are only two parts to the ID that shine under a blacklight, my DOB and my ghost image. And let's be real.... would any vendor really mess up UV overlays.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on both Scannr, BCS, Walgreens, and Safeway perfectly.

conclusion: 9/10

This ID would definitely pass OOS and some In-State. Nothing wrong with this ID as far as template goes, but something that does take away from this ID is the lamination. On the back and front of the ID (Pic included) the lamination is a bit bubbly and looks rushed. Edges also a bit rough. To be honest, that is one of the biggest negatives on this ID as whole and I was able to immediately pick up on that. However, it passed many stores and chains without a problem. Noble Fakes is the way to go!