Review By: babegriev - State: Alabama

Vendor: OldIronsidesFakes


I had ordered 4 IDs in a batch together just before the onset of the COVID19 outbreak. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff as well as the product rendered. The IDs have been used at restaurants, bars, clubs and liquor stores with no problems and have passed scanning and UV tests.

Communication: 9/10

The email team was remarkably professional and responded quickly to questions and concerns. Both before and after placing an order, the team was able to effectively answer questions and settle concerns regarding shipping and product quality. It is clear that English is not their native language, and this proved challenging at times when discussing product information, however, their timeliness, customer service, and professionalism far made up for this factor.

Cost: 8/10

These IDs are an investment and are not a cheap buy. That being said, the price is more than reasonable for the product delivered. Every order comes with two identical copies of each ID, and they do not skimp on integrating security features. They are $120 each for the MA ID, however, if you order with one additional person, that will go down to $84, which is more reasonable. The discounts beyond that are nothing spectacular, however, buying 2 IDs is much better than just 1.

Shipping: 8/10

I should clarify that my order shipped in the interim between the Chinese New Year holiday and the COVID19 outbreak, and as such, took quite a long time to ship out. This being said, the OIS team did a remarkable job of getting the IDs out as soon as they could. The IDs arrived in a package with a synthetic hair wig and was well disguised in the packaging. No holds by customs or couriers and very inconspicuous.

signature: 7/10

I mentioned this under the template as well, so I will abridge the explanation. In MA, the RMV collects signatures through a digital signature pad. Since OIS has users sign on a piece of white printer paper and send a photograph, the signature appears too small and the width of the brush is too thin. If you order with them, I would suggest signing with a writing app on a smartphone or tablet (using a stylus) and sending them a screenshot of that signature.


template: 7/10

I have only two grievances with the template work from OIS. The color blue in the photograph background is a slightly different hue than on the real IDs. Likewise, the signatures are quite small compared to how the signatures appear on actual IDs (probably since the DMV captures signatures digitally instead of on paper, while OIS has you take a picture of a written signature). In all other regards, the template is very realistic, and card is professionally done.

photoshop: 10/10

The photoshop work is unremarkable and, for the most part, undetectable. The photos in two of the 4 IDs ordered made the heads appear slightly too small compared to the cropping on actual IDs, however, this detail is largely unnoticeable.

holograms/OVI: 5/10

This is the largest crux of the MA O21 ID. The hologram is dull and not as well-pronounced as on the real IDs. Actual MA licenses have a very shiny chrome finish on the Chickadee, and it appears 3D when held under a light. The hologram on the OIS ID is not shiny or metallic but is the correct shape and size. Likewise, it has the initials and year of birth printed onto it. While it is not particularly conspicuous, this would be the weakest link in the authenticity of the ID.

uv: 10/10

Unremarkable. Accurate paint when under UV and blacklight.

scanning: 7/10

Unremarkable. Data is accurately written onto the barcodes and works on all major apps, as well as all store point-of-sale systems that I have encountered thus far.

conclusion: 9/10

Overall, these IDs are professionally designed and printed and are an investment for people who can get many years of use out of them. While the hologram and signatures appear somewhat off, the template of the license, as well as the physical structure of the ID are realistic and have worked in my personal experience. I will likely use OIS again if I ever require their services, and I look forward to the use I will be able to get out of their IDs.