Review By: giantsburner - State: California



I wanted a cheap California fake ID so I saw that BlackID had a very good price (55 with a duplicate is unreal especially for california).

Communication: 9/10

With COVID19 there were shipping issues and I made great communication with them. There was a period of a week where I had no response and I was worried but it arrived so it didn't matter.

Cost: 10/10

You can't beat 55 for essentially 2. It makes it very worth it and although when comparing a real to this one you can notice the surface texture on the fake isn't very comparable, it is scannable in all of the apps I have used so far and i will await if it will work.

Shipping: 9/10

Bought standard shipping, got lost with Covid19 and BlackID generously paid for DHL shipping to get it to me within a week and a half. Packaging was very stealthy and scared me because I thought I got scammed, but was very excited when I found it.

signature: 9/10

Very good and just like the signature I sent. A little little bit thicker than a real one but very good in comparison to the price and overall.


template: 8/10

Template is comparable to the real deal but not as colorful as the real one, which could be an issue but other than the coloring differences (minimal) it is right on.

photoshop: 9/10

Photoshop is very good and ID esque, could be a little better but very good considering the price and image I sent to them.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Holos are great like the real. but the material it is made out of is noticeably with the exception of the black bar. If someone only cares if it scans though it will pass with everything.

uv: 7/10

I have no way to test this yet. Presuming off of their twitter video it is good.

scanning: 9/10

It has scanned on multiple apps I have used and it should work in a store too which will be tested. Very pleased because it is one of the most important features and it seems to pass the test.

conclusion: 8/10

For 55$ this is phenomenal and very much worth it than spending 110 on another website for a CA id and only getting one. Very pleased with the photoshop, id photo, shipping, communication and especially the scanning. Now will it pass at a Bar? Im skeptical with the amount of real ID's bouncers see but it should work at convenience stores easily. Would recommend if working on a budget and want something scannable. Will probably purchase more later on.