Review By: issabellal - State: California

Vendor: OldIronsidesFakes


I received this ID a couple weeks ago and it is by far the best one I've had! I have ordered California ID's from a few different vendors but they do not compare to this one. I live in the Los Angeles area where bars and clubs are pretty strict with ID's, but have had no issues with this one. I have used it at various bars and restaurants already and it scans, etc. with no problem. I would highly recommend this vendor to everyone! Thanks so much OldIronsideFakes!

Communication: 10/10

Communication was a 10/10. He replied quickly, within an hour, and answered any questions or concerns that I had. He was so nice, and I could tell he wanted to make the process easy and quick for me. I had expressed my concern to him about the previous ID's I had received from other vendors, and he assured me that I wouldn't have this issue again. I used a messaging app to contact him which was also easy to download and use.

Cost: 10/10

The price is great for these ID's. I know some of my friends that have payed double or triple the price for theirs, and mine has the same quality for a lower price. I was a bit scared at first to see how the ID would turn out, but it looks great and has an incredible quality for the price.

Shipping: 10/10

Got here within a week with standard shipping! Shipping is priced well, even thought it comes from outside of the states. I wanted to receive the ID before my birthday so I ordered it with plenty of time, but it got here earlier than expected. The vendor gives you a tracking number for FedEx, and you can check the ID's current location and when it is expected to arrive, which is convenient.

signature: 10/10

Not too thick, not too thin. The signature looks spot on. Initially I had forgot to put my signature, but the vendor let me know and fixed it for me, which I really appreciated.


template: 10/10

Small details were all great. The size and coloring of the letters and numbers looked the same as my actual ID. The back of the ID looks great too. The bar code looks authentic and everything is lined up perfectly.

photoshop: 10/10

There are no weird shadows or lights on my face in the photo, and the color of the blue background looks spot on. He removed any shadows or faults in my photo that may have made the ID look less authentic. The size of the photo looks authentic as well, and the quality of the photo was kept.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The holograms and watermarks look great as well. I tried very hard to look at the ID under different lighting and couldn't really find differences. Again, I have used this ID at bars in LA, and have had no problems with it.

uv: 10/10

I actually have a UV light, and put my ID under it. I compared this ID with my mom's real one and it honestly looked pretty spot on. The right images were shown (the golden gate bridge and coit tower).

scanning: 10/10

I have downloaded 3 apps on my phone and this ID scanned with all 3. It has also scanned at the restaurants and bars that I have been to. I feel confident that it would scan anywhere else.

conclusion: 10/10

Overall, I would recommend this ID to anyone who wants a new California ID. I have tried a few places and this has been my favorite so far. Looks great, feels great, and it got to me pretty fast. I have yet to find a place where it doesn't work. Thanks again OldIronsideFakes!!! You're the best.