Review By: sd.2693 - State: Georgia



I got three ID's from OIS. New GA o21, Old GA o21, and Alabama o21.

Communication: 10/10

Best communicating vendor ever. Helps with all questions and issues, you just have to time it right with the time zone difference.

Cost: 8/10

For the quality of all of OIS id's, it is reasonable and fair. You won't regret paying the money for the great service and quality from this vendor.

Shipping: 10/10

It was 8 days from placing my order to delivery, which is incredible considering that it is coming from the opposite side of the world.

signature: 7/10

Signature looks good, thickness is fine, however the raised texture signature's on the ga id's are a little bit too smooth and not raised up enough. Could improve this feature.


template: 8/10

Template is pretty solid for all three id's. The only thing I noticed that was off was that on the Old GA o21 id, the text that says things like DL NO, CLASS, DOB, EXP, and the other ones, the text is purple and thin rather than dark blue and thick. Not very noticeable though without comparison.

photoshop: 6/10

Ear shadows are on point, photo looks great. On the old ga, the background lines go over the photo, just like it does on a real id. The only issue here is with the New GA o21. They got it right with the photo being black and white, but the photo is supposed to sort of fade away on the edges. You shouldn't be able to see the whole rectangle of the photo.

holograms/OVI: 6/10

All three id's have great holos/ovi, but there is one terrible issue with one of the parts of the New GA o21 id. In the bottom right corner of the New GA o21 id, there is a smaller photo of my face and it's supposed to have this hard textured plastic on top of it. Instead, the material on top of it is blurry and sticky like adhesive. This would likely be a dead giveaway if someone touched the ID and their finger stuck to it.

uv: 10/10

Haven't tested, but I have no doubt it looks perfect.

scanning: 7/10

All scanning comes up fine on ios apps, no store has scanned me yet though.

conclusion: 9/10

I do not look of age whatsoever, and I pass with no trouble with the Alabama and Old GA id. Wonderful products, great quality. I highly recommend purchasing with OldIronSides!!!