Review By: whirlywrld - State: Alabama

Vendor: NoveltyNation


I needed a quick and cheap ID for a client who was going on vacation.

Communication: 6/10

The vendor would respond but like not very quick, so don’t expect super speedy quick responses... sometimes he wasn’t so clear on certain things... hoping he can work better on communication going forward.

Cost: 10/10

Super good price ID. $20 for a high quality fake? Can’t beat that... I thought the fake would be shitty for $20 but boy was I wrong... the fake was amazing

Shipping: 7/10

He wasn’t too clear on the shipping, but nonetheless it did come before the date I needed it so that’s good.

signature: 6/10

The signature seemed super skinny which was fine but it wasn’t super visible.. maybe make it a little darker and bolder? But not too bold of course.


template: 10/10

Good details, good colors.

photoshop: 10/10

Looks good. Not much to say.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Great bright shiny holos.

uv: 10/10

Can’t give an honest review yet as the UV has yet to be tested but I’m sure it’s good being that the quality with everything else was good.

scanning: 6/10

My client used this at a dispensary in which they scanned it and information went thru fine. A++

conclusion: 10/10

In conclusion, I’m still giving THEM a 10 DUE TO THE FACT that this was a $20 ID... For $20 you can’t beat this fake.. A+++