Review By: capitaomain - State: New Jersey



I got this id because i saw post on the forum and it was ID for only 10$

Communication: 10/10

they were so nice. I put the wrong address down and emailed them after they already shipped it and they sent another one for free to the right address

Cost: 10/10

the price was $10 and you can not beat the price for the quality too

Shipping: 10/10

took less than and a week and ships from the US

signature: 10/10

looks fine and came out how i submitted it


template: 10/10

it looks like every other new jersey id i have ever seen so it that is good in my book

photoshop: 8/10

it cut off a bit of the neck and the ear shadows aren't the best

holograms/OVI: 10/10

great hologram and they stay on great. It didn't bubble or anything on the bend test

uv: 10/10

came up great under my blacklight. i put a picture below that show it

scanning: 10/10

scan on BCS and everywhere i have used it

conclusion: 10/10

the id is worth the price. You literally can not find a better deal and they actually come so fast its crazy. Their customer service is really good too.