Review By: jersey2020 - State: Connecticut

Vendor: IDViking


I found this site and told my friend about it, thinking it was just another scammy, sketchy site. Hell no. My friend ordered first, showed me the ID’s, and now we’re all using ID’s from IDVIKING. Would so recommend.

Communication: 10/10

They answer all messages very quickly and always know how to keep their customers happy. This is one of the specific reasons why I keep ordering more when my friends need another order.

Cost: 9/10

This price is the best I’ve seen. Not only does it come with a free duplicate but the price is just get better and better as you get more people in an order

Shipping: 9/10

I can’t complain about the shipping. I have literally no issue. I ordered a group of 20 different people, each getting two IDs and there were four different states. We received the entire package in a month

signature: 10/10

They know how to do your signature- if you’re unsure, leave it blank!!! They’re very good at it, will take care of you!


template: 10/10

You can’t tell the difference even when holding it next to a regular OVER 21 ID. It’s uncanny.

photoshop: 9/10

Very good! Nobody can notice my picture is obviously fake lol. They’re so good at it!!!!! Don’t worry

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Good! Never had an issue. I’m not an expert but even the experts can’t tell the difference

uv: 10/10

Again- good- never had any issue with a bar/liquor store . I’m also not an expert in this field but experts can’t tell the difference.

scanning: 10/10

Has scanned even at the strictest bars in the city and even in NYC!!!! I was so scared but it does the trick literally everywhere

conclusion: 10/10

I really can’t thank them enough for the extreme customer service and they’re incredible product. I recommend this to everyone They make it so easy and such a good investment. I really can’t thank them enough for their extreme customer service and their incredible product. I recommend this to everyone and I’ll definitely be ordering for my younger friends as a gift. They make it so easy and such a good investment.LOVE IDVIKING