Review By: gmontyslide - State: Alabama

Vendor: MagicFakes


I won this ID in a giveaway, but I have also bought another ID from Magic so I have experience.

Communication: 9/10

Magic is very quick and easy with communication. Email is relatively quick, although it does take some hours for them to respond but I get it because of different time zones.

Cost: 10/10

Not going off bias because this was a giveaway but I did a group order a couple months ago and with the 30% coupon with the group rate, the prices were great compared to other vendors.

Shipping: 9/10

Had some issues with USPS in the past, but this time it was fast for being an overseas vendor. I believe at most 2 weeks it took to come in.

signature: 9/10

Looks almost exactly like the signature on my official ID. Very well done, and that was from me drawing on a physical piece of copy paper. Very impressed.


template: 7/10

It does need some work. You can see in the comparison picture. The official one is a bit more yellow in tint, the lettering for name and address is more bold and might be a totally different font than the novelty. Also, the image of the capital on the novelty is too dark. Some of the letters from the address and the signature are obscured because the ink is way too dark. The official is a light blue, so some work can be done on the intensity of the blue. Also, doesn't have a Real ID star.

photoshop: 8/10

I’ve seen some novelty IDs with terrible pictures so I would stick my neck out and say mine is pretty well done. For looking at the picture I submitted, it came out somewhat better than I expected. I would say maybe some more shadows around my head and neck, and the color intensity may be a little too much but I still think it’s pretty good.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

It does have the holograms associated with LA official IDs. The “union justice confidence” looks pretty spot on, but the hologram of the state itself is a little extra thick, especially in the lower right portion of the state. Also, it is just a tad bit crooked, leaning a little too far down right, but not really noticeable unless you’re closely looking at the ID. The photo picture in the bottom right (I forget what it’s called) looks pretty good too.

uv: 8/10

Do not have a UV light so will give same score as holograms.

scanning: 9/10

Will go out on a limb and say that the scanning does work. Scans easily on BCS but have not tested it anywhere or on a physical scanner. Minor concern is on one of the duplicates the magnetic strip does have a couple small scratches so I don’t know if that’ll affect the ability of it to scan. I’ll just stick with the other copy for now.

conclusion: 8/10

This ID is definitely far from passing in state right now; I only got it so I have a state ID for when I’m not in LA. However, I believe for the price, it’s not a bad ID. I believe it can easily pass out of state for someone who doesn’t study LA IDs meticulously. I’m actually impressed that Magic pays attention to not just the template and look of the ID itself but especially the signature, photo, and holograms.