Review By: Isabella - State: Alabama

Vendor: Buy-ID


Won the ID in a giveaway. Couldn't complain about the quality, everything checks out. ID passes UV and bend tests. Overall, a very high quality ID. Would order from them again.

Communication: 8/10

Only complaint is that they don't post your shipping number or update the statuses. Ticket responses are usually a day. So 8/10 for communication.

Cost: 10/10

keep an eye out for their discounts as they pop up often.

Shipping: 10/10

got here in 2 weeks exactly, very nice. we were scared they would not get here before Christmas but they did!

signature: 8/10

a couple of them look a litte janky, but overall look good


template: 9/10

Judging from pictures online this temp is really good. The only thing that caught my eye was that the big ass ARIZONA needs to be a bit more of a muted orange and DRIVER LICENSE should be a little more bold. This one is tough to judge without a physical.

photoshop: 10/10

all the photos look really good, on eof them look kinda strange but because my friend took a really shitty photo.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

HOLOS/UV: 9.5/10 - UV works just fine, it’s been tested a few times at bars. Holos are very realistic and placed perfectly. Almost a little too perfectly but nothing crazy looking.

uv: 9/10

Passes 365nm UV Light with ease! No problems with the overlays or holos.

scanning: 8/10

Scans perfectly on all apps, shows all info.

conclusion: 10/10

will always take my business to dove! they are truly the best vendor i have dealt with