Review By: Elizabeth - State: Florida

Vendor: Buy-ID


I need an ID for spring break as soon as possible. I told him that I need January 9. He said he moved it to the queue. I think this is about 10 days, which is really crazy turnaround time.

Communication: 10/10

Like I said my boy hooked it up and got it to me when I needed it and for that I can't thank him enough

Cost: 10/10

I got it for 100 which i think its a great deal

Shipping: 10/10

got here in less than 10 days! thats a steal!!

signature: 9/10

Looks a little choppy(probably due to the not perfect pic i sent in), but the thickness is great. Raised text on the dog feels so nice.


template: 10/10

The template looks amazing pictures bellow

photoshop: 10/10

Amazing photoshop perfect picture no shadows.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Very Bright The Id actually makes me want to vist Florida, that’s how beautiful it looks.

uv: 1/10

I have no way of testing this. Sorry about this part

scanning: 9/10

ID Scans well. One issue, however... while the front of this ID shows a +4 number, the Barcode only shows it as a "+1" in BCS. I have checked the barcode's raw data and it has the +4 encoded in full- so this is either an error in getting the format right on the ID or BCS not knowing about the new FL IDs. Be warned it may raise an eye.

conclusion: 9/10

Overall, this is a solid ID and a fun one to look at imo. Should work with ease out of state, but I wouldn’t recommend any ID to be used in state.