Review By: parker.foreman - State: Missouri

Vendor: MagicFakes


Got this ID a few months back was a little nervous because it was the first one I ever got but it’s absolutely amazing!

Communication: 10/10

They responded back to me very fast within 20 minutes almost every time I sent an email, the cs is very helpful and very easy to talk to!

Cost: 10/10

I only paid 56 dollars for this ID and I bought it on its own and not in a group, it came out very good for how much I paid, can’t complain Bc other website charge a lot more, very cheap expesualy with all the promos they are running

Shipping: 1/10

Got here in about 12 days with no issue, wry descreet package and not to hard to find, it came really fast and I was surprised Bc I have hired it can take a while

signature: 9/10

Not to thick and not to thin, I think it looks perfect, very happy with how it came out, looks just like a real one!


template: 9/10

The detailed are very very close to a real one it would probably pass in state, micro print on point a couple spots where it’s slightly off but you would have to know what your doing very well to be able to tell

photoshop: 1/10

Very real looking no showdown or misprints on the pic, very happy with the way it came out

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Very good holos on point with a real one, very easy to find and are very vibrant, love the way it looks

uv: 10/10

When I shine a uv on it, it shows all the necessary things it’s should very realistic and pleased with how it looked

scanning: 9/10

Never had a problem with scanning, I’ve used it for a few months now and it scans ever where I’ve tried no issue whatsoever ever very happy with it!

conclusion: 1/10

I would highly recommend you check out magic they always have promos going and with group rates stacked on top you can them for very cheap, very happy with everything from cs to the way the I’d looks, great experience ordering through them