Review By: orange7402 - State: Alabama



I resell and I live in NY so im comparing one of the NY to one of MF NY ID's.

Communication: 7/10

Replies within 2 days. Prefer to be a little faster with the CS but 2 days is ok I assume. But if you're in a rush it will take a while.

Cost: 10/10

Really can't beat their price of 20-25 per with a group of 10 and their promo.

Shipping: 10/10

2 weeks- 3 weeks. Really no complaints.

signature: 10/10

Good and no complaints. none


template: 6/10

Here come the big boy and im comparing it with a magnifying lens. Colors are a little too contrasted for the NY state stamp. the two women are also a little too contrasted and the red lines on the women's capes are unevenly spaced. the middle shield, the letters are not thick enough and not blue enough, and the lines on the shield are the same. There is also a small boat where there are random red lines that SHOULD NOT BE THERE. left side, the blue isnt dark enough and top state name too dark.

photoshop: 5/10

The skin color for white people should be darker. (not a joke). generally, the Photos are too light and it seems as though it's darker on the clothes and not on the face and hair where it should be. Should be an easy giveaway if you can notice. Ear shadow near non-existent and REALLY faint and should be much darker.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

HOLO N/A ON NY ID. so there ya go

uv: 6/10

UV too vibrant on the front. The back is good can't see anything wrong, however, the only thing that should be seen in UV is a faint outline of the state shape and a vibrant name. on the MF NY, it's the opposite, the name is faint and the shape is vibrant. ALSO, The stars and lines SHOULD NOT be seen on the UV but they are.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on BCS. nothing else to check

conclusion: 7/10

overall, you get what you pay for. anyone whos seen a NY before will tell the difference. outside the tri-state area, you're in the clear. lots of template issues and need lots of fixes.