Review By: IdReviewerz - State: Illinois



I purchased this ID in a group order with a few friends.

Communication: 10/10

I had an issue regarding the signatures on my group order. I contacted Magic via email, and it was fixed within 24 hours. Great customer service.

Cost: 8/10

My ID came in a group order with 5 other people. The cost per ID came out to be around $50. Considering no discount code was used, these ID’s were a great price.

Shipping: 10/10

I paid the extra $30 for rush shipping. The order was confirmed in 2 hours and we received our ID’s in 12 days. Magic’s turnaround is insanely fast. I am very happy with the shipping.

signature: 10/10

Signatures look identical to the ones submitted with pen and paper. The thickness of the signatures is also very similar to the real ID. No complaints here.


template: 9/10

The template is spot on. Although I don’t have a real ID to compare it to, the colors and fonts look great. The star is perfectly placed in the correct spot.

photoshop: 9/10

The picture I gave to Magic wasn’t the best. I was suprised to see how well they photoshopped it. Other than the shadows behind the ears being a little big, the picture turned out great. It looks very similar to the pictures I’ve seen of a real Illinois ID.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

The holograms look and reflect nicely. I am extremely impressed.

uv: 9/10

I do not have a UV light to test it on, but after looking at other reviews on Magic’s IL, I’m sure they look great.

scanning: 10/10

It scans on the BCS app. It was also scanned in a gas station and worked perfectly.

conclusion: 9/10

Considering this was my first time purchasing an ID from Magic, I was extremely impressed. It has worked perfectly in many gas stations and liquor stores. Although I haven’t tried to get into a bar, I’m sure it would be fine. Magic’s Illinois ID works perfectly out of state. I would definitely purchase from them again.