Review By: manwillerc - State: New Jersey

Vendor: IDViking


Took around 3 weeks to recieve the IDs and when I received them, they were the wrong state. Emailed about it right away and they ignored what i said and just told me they would be delivered soon. Emailed again after that and they won't respond to me.

Communication: 5/10

They responded quickly before I received the IDs but once i got them, they were all messed up and they wouldn't respond to me. Now im stuck with trashy IDs

Cost: 5/10

Paid a good amount for a New York ID and they sent me New Jersey IDs which are much cheaper. So I lost a bunch of money there. About 20$ per person so I lost 80$

Shipping: 8/10

took 3 weeks which isnt bad except that the IDs suck and they are for the wrong state so they really just shouldnt have shipped them at all.

signature: 5/10

would be kind of hard to mess up the signature, in fact would be kind of hard to accidentally print the wrong state 8 times and send me messed up bent IDs


template: 5/10

template wouldve been good if it was for the right state but it wasnt so the template is bad. And half the IDs are bent.

photoshop: 5/10

photoshop was fine, but my picture is on the wrong state ID. Dont order from ID Viking, they will send you the wrong ID and they promise that they will reship for free but they will not. They wont even respond to you.

holograms/OVI: 5/10

messed up lamination really bad. Considering they stole 80$ from me the least they could have done is made the IDs look good (Newsflash, they suck!).

uv: 5/10

i dont have a uv light but if i did i imagine that it would look half decent. They owe me that at least after stealing money from me and sending me f'd up IDs

scanning: 5/10

yeah it scans, but who cares, The id looks like trash if i showed it to anyone they wouldnt even get to scan it because they would die laughing at first sight of it.

conclusion: 2/10

Lost a total of 80$, half the IDs are bent, lamination messed up really bad on one of them, and they sent the wrong state. DO NOT ORDER FROM ID VIKING.