Review By: Mandy2345 - State: Alabama



Right in the trashcan!! There's a reason why they keep giving discounts.

Communication: 3/10

I used Western Union and after pestering them, they confirmed that they got it and shipped my product. When I contacted them because the ID had problems, they stopped responding at all. I sent a picture with the problems circled.

Cost: 5/10

I paid $80 with no discounts plus the $30 Western Union fee.

Shipping: 3/10

Took about a month. It came well-concealed.

signature: 5/10

Signature was the right, but the placement was off and it was blurry.


template: 5/10

It's not the worst I've seen, but the background capital building is waaaaaay too dark and looks like it was drawn by a school kid. The back of the license is awesome and spot on, however.

photoshop: 2/10

The font on the license number and half of the height is MUCH lighter and not bold like the rest of the ID. Some other printing is blurred. It is SO OBVIOUS that I wouldn't ever risk using it. Picture is too close up and part of the address is completely blacked out by part of what is supposed to be background design.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

The holograms were nice. They looked close enough to the real thing to pass.

uv: 9/10

No problem with the UV. Nothing was spelled wrong or cut off.

scanning: 5/10

The end product looks so fake, I wouldn't even present it to be scanned. I'd be afraid of going directly to jail. I don't know if it scans.

conclusion: 2/10

My friends and I (young and old) have ordered about a dozen IDs from various vendors. This is the first time I felt totally ripped off. A beginner could have done a better job with the Photoshop. Flaws were VERY clear as soon as you looked at it... not close inspection or being super-picky. It was garbage!! Vendor would not fix the problem or stand behind their product.