Review By: randomk - State: Alabama



Read a few reviews and decided to give them a test

Communication: 1/10

Vendor ignored every attempt to communicate with me. Total scam.

Cost: 1/10

Scammer never fulfilled my order so the price is not worth it lol

Shipping: 1/10

Whelp it never came so bad shipping and arrival time of never

signature: 1/10

Nope nothing here either so it's one star only because it can't be zero


template: 1/10

No template because it never arrived

photoshop: 1/10

Never arrived so nope his Photoshop didn't show up either

holograms/OVI: 1/10

There was none because my order never left "on hold'

uv: 1/10

It never arrived so no UV to check

scanning: 1/10

Can't scan something that never came

conclusion: 1/10

Stay away. Total scam. Every time I attempted to contact them they ignored me, or replied with don't smart ass response telling me to go leave them positive reviews.