Review By: jburns - State: Alabama

Vendor: MagicFakes


Ordered in a group of 6 and used code 'ONEYEAR' for 50% off

Communication: 7/10

Replies varied between a few hours and up to 2 days but CS was polite and answered all of my questions

Cost: 10/10

Paid $22 per ID, amazing price especially for the quality and a dupe

Shipping: 9/10

Shipped faster than i thought it would, took about 2 weeks with free shipping from when order was confirmed

signature: 9/10

Signature is a little too neat but that's only because the dmv signatures are awful, doesn't look too thick or too thin


template: 8/10

One of my IDs came with a large air bubble under the laminate but other than that the template is very close to the real one, the fonts are the same color and the placement of everything matches up

photoshop: 10/10

Shadows look very good, the lighting on my face was a little weird but magic was able to fix it so everything was even.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holos look great, match what is pictured online and the ghost image looks good too

uv: 8/10

Friend has a UV light and the UV looks good, a little bit faded but still shows up pretty clear

scanning: 9/10

Info matches on SMID, BCS, Scannr and every other app i've tried

conclusion: 9/10

Passed at a handful of bars and liquor stores in the 3 months i've had it haven't been questioned or denied once. Magic is the go to