Review By: syrupflowers - State: Maine

Vendor: MagicFakes


I purchased this ID with their 35% promo code I found on reddit. Placed a group order myself just to test out if they would work in local gas stations, etc.. Beware, I'm a bit of a tough critic. I have Low Expectations & High Standards. I've had some pretty bad experiences with other vendors, hence my low expectations.

Communication: 7/10

Didn't communicate with them beyond emails of confirmation. Can't comment too much on their communication skills, but they were quick to email information as they received my order. The most helpful thing was the rush shipping and tracking number updates on the site. Super convenient for the impatient customer.

Cost: 6/10

Was happy to have stumbled upon a discount code on reddit, otherwise wouldn't have taken the plunge. Cheaper compared to other sites I have purchased from such as Evolved. Although the total was about 50$ ea. in a group order with the 35% off and rush shipping, it's reasonably priced. I hope that these vendors will eventually move to cheaper prices for what they offer. Venmo and Cash App make things super easy and accessible, which I loved. Not the fee, though.

Shipping: 7/10

Placed my order on a Friday. Payment Receipt was emailed to me the following Monday. I was sent another email about payment confirmation 6 hours after I was sent the previous receipt. Total time from Order to Delivery was 18 days. Confirmation to Delivery was 15 days. From provided time of Shipment, (Rush) it took 7 days. Not too bad but not super impressive on its own. However, given it shipped from overseas it is quite cool it only took 7 days.

signature: 10/10

Great! Realistically placed and sized (especially with the submissions of our signatures being so poor and some coming from low quality images) Submit images of or digital signatures, either come out perfectly! I'm wowed.


template: 7/10

There are some minor details that are noticeable (However, the authentic Maine ID's I compared them to also varied. You'd have to be a real uptight bouncer/cashier/bartender with a hawk eye to call it out) but overall pretty impressive craftsmanship in regards to the physical copy. The photoshop template for images needs some updating, the shadow and clarity needs some adjustments.

photoshop: 5/10

Ear shadows are way too deep. It leaves a bit of a dumbo essence to the ID. (Maybe it'd be better if they shadowed in Moose Antlers instead, to fit the "Maine" aesthetic...) In comparison to authentic Maine Real IDs, these would not pass in state because the image is much higher quality with iPhone portrait mode looking shadows. They made the image very crisp and clean, which would be great IF typical Maine IDs didn't have such notable low quality photos.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

In comparison, Magic's OVI/Holograms would pass. Like I'd mentioned before, even the authentic ones tend to fade with use, etc., and vary. So overall, hard to meet a standard that isn't quite defined!

uv: 5/10

Haven't tested but I am holding out hope.

scanning: 10/10

Scans on most apps and other low tech scanners at Gas Stations. Haven't used these at a bar, dispensary or club yet but that is always a gamble to begin with. So far so good.

conclusion: 8/10

Compared to other vendors, Magic is great. I score specifics based on areas of improvement to promote a better consumer experience. If you are looking to buy a fake ID; go with Magic. They are faster, cheaper (in group order and with promo codes they release often) and reliable. Many payment options as well as their site being pretty easy to navigate (Mobile was a bit tough unless in horizontal lock). 2 Word Takeaway: Efficient and easy. My low expectations were "magically" exceeded.