Review By: biggus - State: Alabama

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


I selected this vendor because they seemed to have the smoothest payment method available, which is a big plus for ordering for a big group. Plus, they seemed to be pretty reputable.

Communication: 8/10

The vendor is indeed very helpful, and is usually pretty good about answering any big questions you have about the order. However, there are certain instances where they took more than a week to respond.

Cost: 10/10

Price isn't bad at all, especially compared to other websites. Keep in mind that every ID purchased includes a second ID for free.

Shipping: 7/10

Took about a month from initial payment to arrival at my doorstep.

signature: 3/10

Easily the worst part of the ID. If you decide on this website, I HIGHLY recommend not submitting a picture of your signature, and instead using the native signature tool on the website. For a couple of people on my order, their signatures barely even show up on the ID because they submitted signature scans. However, anyone who used the native signature tool on the website had their signature show up just fine. In my opinion, Evolved shouldn't even make file uploads of signatures an option.


template: 6/10

Looks good enough. I would recommend investing some extra money to get a state other than NJ, because the NJ IDs just look shitty and low resolution in general (not to the fault of Evolved, but because NJ's real IDs look like they are designed by someone with cataracts).

photoshop: 5/10

Photoshop is fine enough, but the NJ IDs are just very low-resolution? I won't rank lower than a 5 because I haven't seen a real NJ ID up close, but either way they just look pretty fake, so keep that in mind before deciding on a NJ ID. Also, some of the people in my group were not very convincingly edited into the ID, small pieces of the background were present for one person.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holograms are present, and are very consistent between all of the IDs on the order.

uv: 10/10

UV is present, seems to be consistent between all of the IDs on the order.

scanning: 3/10

Scanning is present, but not too many bars will scan from my experience. Still nice to have tho.

conclusion: 8/10

A pretty good all-around option. Apparently they just got a new website, so perhaps some of my complaints will be fixed in the near future.