Review By: trainwreck372 - State: Nebraska



I ordered this ID off MagicFakes back in April. My order arrived 17 days after payment.

Communication: 10/10

Magic has the gold standard of CS. Contacted Magic through CS email and got response within 24 hours with a solution to inquiry.

Cost: 10/10

Ordered with large group with reseller rates. Cost came down to around $25/ID with a free dupe. Unbeatable cost for the product

Shipping: 10/10

Product was shipped promptly by vendor (10 days). Took exactly a week for the package to arrive after shipment. Overall shipping was quick

signature: 1/10

Looks perfectly black and is clear. Signature on ID matches sumitted signature perfectly.


template: 8/10

Everything is straight and tidy on the ID. Colors are bold and match that of the barbook. All features present as expected. I can't speak for a comparison to a real Nebraska, but the ID would easily pass a barbook inspection.

photoshop: 10/10

Photo has correct quality and size on ID. Background looks natural and hair was photoshopped well. Overall the photo looks great. Ear shadows look fine and natural. The photo was definitely downscaled from my iPhone's camera.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

Holos are slightly faint. I have no idea what they look like on the real one, but the other fakes have more vibrant holos. They are in the correct positions and can be seen relativity easily.

uv: 9/10

UV's look a little fainter than other fakes, but all features are present

scanning: 1/10

Scans with BCS and Scannr. Info comes up correct. Does not pass Show Me ID, but was produced before Show Me ID was on Magic's radar.

conclusion: 8/10

Excellent ID. Magic has not disappointed and this ID is solid. ID seems well crafted and built to last.