Review By: Guggs14 - State: Alabama

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I got this ID before heading back to school because I lost my other ones. With these I am getting in no problem. They're not thin like other fake IDs.

Communication: 10/10

I never had to contact the vendor, but they reached out via email and updated the order status as they moved along the steps.

Cost: 4/10

Ordering in a group left us each paying $65 for two.

Shipping: 10/10

Got here in about two and a half weeks which to me seemed quick. Other vendors have taken 4-6 weeks.

signature: 10/10

Signature looks just like the real ones.


template: 10/10

All the same details as the real IDs.

photoshop: 10/10

Pictures came out very good.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Bouncers don't check twice when checking the holograms.

uv: 10/10

Never had an issue with the UV.

scanning: 10/10

I have never had an issue with scanning

conclusion: 10/10

I highly recommend ordering an ID from them. They do it quick and easy and provide shipping info once the package is sent.