Review By: smiles365 - State: Connecticut



CT native, bought it mostly for out of state (and region) use

Communication: 9/10

Had a problem with shipping, OIS responded quickly and concisely

Cost: 7/10

$100, better deals exist especially for CT, but also a consequence of ordering on my own. Shipping is expensive compared to domestic vendors.

Shipping: 6/10

Took like a month and half, with the $30 shipping. Longer than advertised but with them being foreign and with corona you cant knock them too much.

signature: 4/10

My signature was bad. However it still came out too thick and way too big.


template: 6/10

Microprint is good so for out of state it works well however a lot of the colors are off including: the pink flower on the back, the yellow star, the blue outline around the airplane, the small blue text such as LIC#, DOB, etc. The font in general is blurry. For the organ donor symbol, and the commissioner on the photo its just wrong.

photoshop: 6/10

Photoshop is good except background color. Very different from my U21. In their defense I did submit a shitty picture.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Vibrant and accurate holos. Perforated whale, and ghost image are also on point.

uv: 7/10

Haven't checked it myself, bouncer didn't have a problem.

scanning: 4/10

All three scanned on BCS. Only two scanned on 'Show-me-id.'

conclusion: 6/10

The microprint is above average and security features are solid so for out of state use it works well. However the microprint isn't enough to justify going with OIS instead of a domestic vendor in this case, especially since many of them have better deals for CT licenses. Perhaps if the scanning was more consistent, and the colors were better, it could be borderline ISP, then maybe the small price increase and shipping hassle/risk would be more justifiable. For now go with a domestic vendor.