Review By: minimonster - State: Alabama



purchased before the official site launched 01-08-2022 (found them on the vvl) comparing to my buddy's real O21

Communication: 10/10

messaged / emailed a couple times before ordering. they always responded within a couple of hours. excellent!

Cost: 10/10

70 bucks for 2 copies, can't argue with that pricing.

Shipping: 9/10

arrived in exactly 2 weeks. pretty fast!

signature: 10/10

i used a thin tipped sharpie, came out perfect


template: 10/10

template looks exactly like my friend's real O21. colors are also on point!

photoshop: 10/10

they add realistic blur and grain to the photos, ear shadows are there. i'd say they go above and beyond with the photoshop.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

the hologram is bright, and the colors match the real O21

uv: 9/10

don't have a UV light, but from the photos on their site it seems to be accurate...

scanning: 10/10

the barcode scans as valid & over 21 on BCS. name and all info that comes up matches the info on the ID.

conclusion: 10/10

overall, i'm very satisfied with the ID. for 70 bucks, the quality these guys are offering is stellar! highly doubt i'll ever end up even needing my duplicate :) 10/10