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OldIronSideFakes nPA Review. Enjoy!!!

Communication: 10/10

Both u/OISFakes and u/OISFakesCS were great with answering my dumb ass questions, and answered every time within 1-2 hours. Cant really ask for anything more, CS was great.

Cost: 8/10

They were running an $80 promo for the superbowl, but I'm an autist so I still sent $100. Even with the ID being a hundo, thats still an excellent price for the quality.

Shipping: 10/10

8 fucking days. 1/25-2-2. AND IT CAME FROM HONG KONG. I hope OIS's team can continue to offer such an amazing turn around.

signature: 9/10

The signature is fine. It is a little thick, and i think a tad bit big. In all, not a huge problem.


template: 9/10

In all, its great. This is my first review so if im bad, im sorry & tell me. I compared it to my real u21. Color matching is good, the red can be toned down a little but it does not affect the ID at all. Back is literally 1:1, just a TAD, and i mean a tad, too bold, and thats being incredibly picky. Signature is good, I can see how people say it's a little too bold but nothing crazy, again will not affect the ID. If I missed anything, please ask about it in the comments.

photoshop: 9/10

When I took the picture for the ID, my hair looked fucking stupid. I know it looks like the PS is badly fucked up with my hair on the right side, but thats actually how my hair looked a couple months ago... I cleaned it up and grew a beard so I dont look like a mongrol anymore. PS is standard, bushy hair so fuck ear shadows.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

Vibrant. A little too vibrant. The gold liberty can be seen over my picture which would definitely hurt this ID if used in a big city where bouncers know their shit.

uv: 10/10

Dont have a UV Light, but i'll work on getting it under one and report back here.

scanning: 8/10

All info came up correctly on BCS and Scannr. I ran it through an advanced PA Lotto scanner and it came up 1101 years old, but so did my real U21 so thats definitely the machine.

conclusion: 9/10

All in all this ID is 100% the best nPA and even PA in general on the sub right now, and for 100$, it's a diamond in the rough. As to if it's ISP, I'll say bascially anywhere besides downtown pittsburgh and xfinity in philly, i'll go ahead and say it's ISP. Just remember, you're 21! Having confidence is bigger than whatever ID you have.