Review By: lostboyz123 - State: Alabama

Vendor: DoveForgeries


First off I only ordered this I’d because i had an event to go to and he guaranteed it would be here. It came in time but it came with the wrong birthday. I’m 20 on my fake

Communication: 10/10

Very good with communication always there to answer within a few hours. really the only reason why i got his id in the first place besides shipping, he was always available

Cost: 7/10

With express shipping and bitcoin fees it came out to being like 80-85 dollars and you can get a way better id for the price. I did get it in a week though so I guess the shipping was worth it. I know normal price is 45 so i guess thats not so bad

Shipping: 10/10

7 days on the dot. Main reason why i got this. Needed it within a week and a half and got it in that time frame

signature: 1/10

The signature is missing half of my name and looks grainy and fake


template: 7/10

Looks fine compared to online. The edges on one of mine came peeling.

photoshop: 8/10

People have said it looks too good. I have long hair so no need to really worry about ear shadows

holograms/OVI: 5/10

They are the old Tennessee holos. Do I think that an out of state NE bouncer would know? Hell no, so i don’t find that a big deal but it’s something you should know

uv: 10/10

dont have uv. Have heard it is all there though but cant check myself

scanning: 1/10

comes up as fake. Cant use at a place that scans

conclusion: 6/10

Honestly wouldn’t be too bad if it came with the correct birthday. Passes bend test but haven’t tried corner to corner. All in all you could probably get away with it out of state where they don’t scan. The scanning and old holos are big red flags. If I got the actual right birthday I would probably say it’s more around a 7/7.5-10