Review By: mrieatass - State: Connecticut



I bought 5 id's for a group of friends and me.

Communication: 10/10

I didn't need to reach out, but I received several emails with updates and shipping information

Cost: 9/10

Group order of $60 each for an ID plus duplicate

Shipping: 8/10

Took about 3 weeks, which I expected, as it's coming from China

signature: 7/10

Too thick, and I didn't put a custom signature, so it looks like a font rather than a real signature


template: 6/10

The text (especially on the back) is somewhat blurry. The organ donor "heart" is misshapen Coloring seems pretty accurate.

photoshop: 5/10

Obviously fake shadows behind my head. The size of my head and the background seem legit.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

All the holograms are there, but some of the "CTDMV" holograms are a bit blurry or deformed. The whole id is too shiny when compared to real ones. I believe that Krylon matte spray can fix this, but I never tried.

uv: 10/10

Couldn't test this. Sorry...

scanning: 7/10

Information is correct, and it worked at a bar that scans ID's (I don't think it's a box scanner, just a basic one)

conclusion: 6/10

I would only use this at places that you are sure don't care about fake id's. I tried to get into a club using it, and the bouncer tried bending the id. He bent it so far that the id snapped in two...