Review By: SkateboardP - State: Connecticut

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I ordered this one and a few others i'll be reviewing too, check up! Review below!

Communication: 9/10

we didnt necessarily need to communicate. i placed the order, went to work and school and came back and it was picked up and processed. it happened faster than expected so super happy about that.

Cost: 9/10

you get what you pay for, price was relatively the same as most sellers it appears, i managed to order during promo so i got a free dupe that saved me a few bucks!

Shipping: 10/10

this was super fast, personally great, just under 2 weeks, just as they quoted!

signature: 9/10

not too thick, came out same as i sent in!!


template: 9/10

very crispy! identical to a normal real template. this was well done.

photoshop: 10/10

flawless! no shadow, equal in all regards to original photo, looks dmv quality with comparison.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Perfecto! nothing wrong here whatsoever.

uv: 10/10

came up awesome and learned it the risky way at an actual bar/club so thankful it was good lol

scanning: 9/10

scanning came up good as shown!

conclusion: 10/10

this Ct is amazing! im positive it will pass everywhere i go, its passed a dozen or so so far, so we will continue to see! thanks a lot fyd!