Review By: drunkenalumni - State: New Jersey

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


first off, fuck yes, been waitin to be able to get an ID for a few months and its here *jesus music in the background* halleluah! jagerbomb city here we cum!

Communication: 10/10

this dude is the best, all the homies go through him, so it was only tradition i did the same this month, leeggiiittt AF.

Cost: 9/10

i'm a broke boi for sure lmfao but idk, I knew how much it was, I saved a bit and pulled the trigger and landed a quality fake, so the price is chill with me.

Shipping: 8/10

Took a hot minute but we out here now!

signature: 7/10

I fked up. I didn't send a sig, they gave me a sig, and now thats the sig i use to sign everything now lmfao.


template: 10/10

legit details, real clean compared to original temp too!

photoshop: 8/10

the photo is chill, they managed to keep it clean, i'm happy happy with it!

holograms/OVI: 8/10

the holo is good! I roughed my ID up a bit just cause i dont rock with the new looking ones, seems more legit to rough it up. hologram was perfect though

uv: 10/10

comes up supreme under the light.

scanning: 7/10

Its been scanned at most places we go, passes right by em. theres never not a time where i feel shook for a minute though

conclusion: 9/10

everyone and their mothers go through this vendor including the homies, so it's only correct I came to the same spot to gets mine! and it's what I expected; legit and passable by 100 miles