Review By: Cipher - State: Alabama

Vendor: IDViking


Review of nWA o21 by IDViking.

Communication: 8/10

Viking has great CS that answered my questions and were quite helpful. However I did notice that it didn't fit real ID standards after placing my order and tried to inquire about them changing the dob and issued date so that it wouldn't need to, and they didn't accommodate that request, its fine but if its ever denied for that specific reason then I wont be happy. Also you could say that it's my fault for not doing my research on the real id act and how it affects nWA's before placing the order.

Cost: 10/10

Medium to expensive I'd say but this is the OG Viking so I'd be willing to pay the extra bit to ensure it arrives, comes with good cs, and has no flaws. No doubt other vendors do have cheaper ID's but they're not known for their quality and I've seen reviews on other vendors that had images showing how messed up the IDs were.

Shipping: 8/10

Came within the expected 2 week time frame from when it was shipped using the express shipping add on.

signature: 10/10

I made it easy for viking by already doing the photoshopping of the signature, they just had to resize and place it, that being said it looks perfect and exactly how I submitted it.


template: 9/10

Viking gets a 9/10 on this because its what id consider a 9/10 template, its very close to spot on, I don't think it would get called out for the template and should work just fine, however when compared to this super HQ photo of an authentic WA license: , I can say that it could really use the "security background" overlapping as shown in the real ID. Also could use real ID standards as it doesn't fit well with these 2019 issued dates.

photoshop: 10/10

Viking does a really good photoshop job, they will do their best to edit your image to fit how its properly taken, adding shadows and what not.

holograms/OVI: 6/10

Holos arent very bright, maybe its supposed to be like that, if it is then my bad, and there looks to be tonnes of airbubbles under it, no distinct bubbles but its almost like a bubble camouflage if that makes sense?, if its like this on real ids then its fine but I wouldn't bend test it personally, I feel like it would easily de-laminate the hologram. There is also a little shiny ink tree (the main reason I bought this), its really well done, there's no way someone would think that part's fake.

uv: 10/10

No UV light on hand and still waiting for one to arrive via mail, I don't doubt that they're fine and when I get the light if they aren't I'm sure viking would gladly help.

scanning: 10/10

Scans perfectly fine with proper info, though the postal code has like 2 extra 0's added to the end of it? Hopefully that doesn't matter.

conclusion: 9/10

Its really nice, have not tested it but compared to barbook it looks perfect, though I dont know if theres more advanced versions of barbook that would catch this. They could really fix the holo, I wouldnt want to try and bring this to clubs or bars that might have an uneducated bouncer who bends every ID they see, but I couldnt see any issues arising from using this at normal stores, and probably none at liquor stores. 9/10 it has minor flaws but I don't think anyone normal would notice them.